Simplify Your Move With These Top Apps

    Technology is here to make the moving process less stressful and more organized. Whether you need help finding the right mover, managing your moving boxes, or settling into your new neighborhood, these apps will help you streamline the entire moving experience and keep the hassle to a minimum. Here are the top apps for simplifying your move:


    Are you dreading having to call multiple moving companies and requesting quotes? No need! Unpakt allows you to book, manage, and pay for your move without having to manually call and compare expenses among different companies. Enter your move details on the app for local pricing in cities over 37 states.


    TaskRabbit offers services to movers who need help getting your house or apartment ready for the move. Through the app, you can hire a Tasker to tackle home repairs, clean, or prepare furniture for moving day. Check out the app to see what services are available in your city!


    Visualize your new house or apartment before you move! MagicPlan allows you to create floor plans and view your home in 3D so you can start to layout your furniture and belongings in your new space.


    Your personal moving planner in a single app! In WunderList, you can create lists, set deadlines, schedule reminders and appointments, and share your list and assign tasks to people involved with your move.


    Packing just got a whole lot easier. Sortly is a digital organizer that will help you take inventory of what you’ve packed in each box. No need to rummage around for that sweater or bottle opener! Upgrade to the premium app to create code labels for boxes, access your account online, and manage your packing lists as a PDF.


    New in town? Nextdoor is a networking platform that connects you with people in your neighborhood. You can use it to find a babysitter, learn about local events, and start socializing with your new neighbors.

    What’s your favorite app for organizing your move? Let us know!

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